8 Fashion Stores You Probably Didn’t Know Sold Great Halloween Costumes

We’ve already proved that you can put together a great Halloween costume using stuff from your favorite fashion stores—which is great because your Pennywise the Clown makeup and Wonder Woman cape won’t get much usage after November 1st.

You don’t have to look through the New Arrivals sections to put up a reasonably conceptual ensemble: Many of our favorite retailers offer fantastic Halloween sections that aren’t corny or predictable.

Did you know Torrid has a great Marvel Fancy Dress that would look great at the Double R Diner, and Modcloth has a great Wednesday Adams–inspired LBD that you’ll wear all season? Take a look at some of the top Halloween costumes available at your favorite stores and plan your purchase accordingly.

Halloween Costumes from Your Favorite Stores: Target

We can’t go to Target without buying a few more items, especially as Halloween approaches. This year, we’re looking beyond their pre-made costumes to some things from their normal ready-to-wear store, such as these Disney-inspired bodysuits, which provide a fresh perspective on the princesses we see every Halloween.

Urban Outfitters is a retailer that sells clothing and accessories

Costumes for Halloween from Stores You Already Shop: Urban Outfitters
This isn’t surprising, but Urban Outfitters has it down pat: You only need one thing from its pop-culture-heavy accessory selection—say, Louise’s cap from Bob’s Burgers—and you’ve got yourself a one-and-done outfit. Sure, there are plenty of oldies in stock, such as bunny ears and leopard-print leotards, but you can save those for next year.


Halloween Costumes from Your Favorite Stores: ASOS
We shop at ASOS so often that we should’ve anticipated they’d have a fantastic Halloween collection this year. Get your hands on a slew of edgy bodysuits, boots, and tops. Best of all, ASOS caters to all sizes, including tiny, tall, and pregnant, ensuring that no one goes without a wonderful costume.


Halloween Costumes from Your Favorite Stores: H&M
At H&M, Halloween can take two forms: There are prepared costumes that you don’t have to think about (but are nonetheless more inventive than anything you’d find at the local party store), and there are wardrobe basics that can become costumes with some creative thought and clever accessorizing.


Costumes for Halloween from Stores You Already Shop: Torrid
Torrid’s costume collection is not just on point (Stranger Things, Beauty and the Beast, and Twin Peaks are all represented), but it’s also on sale till the end of the year. It’s a win-win situation.


Halloween Costumes from Your Favorite Stores: Modcloth
Do you want to bring a costume from the past back to life? The retro style of Modcloth is perfect for a nostalgic Halloween. Wear this Peter Pan–collar dress to pay homage to Wednesday Addams, or mix it with their red glittering heels for a Wizard of Oz-inspired look.


PrettyLittleThing: Halloween Costumes from Places You Already Shop
PrettyLittleThing may have the market for going-out tops and body-con dresses cornered, but they’re also hot on the Halloween scene. Despite the abundance of cropped blouses, there are cozier costume options, such as this pumpkin onesie.


Costumes for Halloween from Stores You Already Shop: Boohoo
Boohoo’s Halloween collection has everything from eerie jumpsuits to beautiful dresses to sardonic “This is My Costume” tees. Oh, and everything is 50% off right now, so hurry up and add their costumes to your cart.

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