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Recently a blogger that I follow (& genuinely like) posted that she wished she had time to read for fun. And this comment really irked me not for anything that deals with her but because the “busy” excuse is one of my biggest pet peeves. For reading it really bugs me because who doesn’t have time to go to bed 15-20 minutes earlier & pick up a book? No one. You just need to make an effort. It also bugs me though because it highlights the number of times I’ve made this excuse for things that I find take more effort to schedule, like going to the gym. Often we use “I’m too busy” as an excuse not to make something a priority. We wear the “busy” label like a badge of honor but how often is it really true?

“Busy” seems to be an ultimate career/life goal these days & as someone who is very far from being type A, I don’t think this is a good thing. If busy means our lives are fulfilled & we’re packing our days with things we love, sure. Busy because you schedule 3 happy hours this week? Awesome. Busy because you have a vacation coming up? Sure. But busy shouldn’t become the go-to reason for not adding something you claim to really want to do into your life.

There are going to be periods where we really are too busy to fit in one more thing. We have deadlines & stressful times at work. The last week of a quarter for me tends to be actually busy because I have a mountain of grading to get done. I’m more addressing the chronic busy people, the ones who can’t find time to do things that at most require 20-30 minutes of time maybe a week.

I’ve claimed for the past few months lots of excuses to not work out. Some of those are legit (like the yoga studio wasn’t open yet or when I was too ill to get out of bed). But most of the time they weren’t. I had to stop making excuses & just get my butt out the door. It also requires some planning- I need to have consistent days & times for yoga class or else it won’t happen. It’s about finding a consistent way to put it into your schedule, if you really want it.

The next time you find yourself saying how busy you are, take a moment to pause. Are you really? Is this one of those weeks where you truly don’t have a minute to spare & are collapsing into bed exhausted? Or is this really meaning you haven’t made this a priority. Then ask yourself if you really want to. No? No problem, but be honest & say yeah, I just haven’t really found time or motivation to add that in. If the answer is yes though sit down & figure out when you can do it. And then stick with it.

Busy doesn’t always equate to having a full life.

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