Being a new mom or even just being an adult requires some more effort in terms of being healthy. The struggle sometimes with having a little one around is that all your time & energy is focused on them & not necessarily on what’s best for mom. And as someone who didn’t have the healthiest habits to begin with, I know that personally, it was a struggle to change those habits once I had kids!

I asked Carlene Thomas, a registered dietitian nutritionist & blogger at Healthfully Ever After, for some nutrition trips specifically for new mothers!
 1. What one piece of advice would you give for a new mom who may be struggling to find the time or energy to take care of herself? Any quick healthy nutritional tips?

First, let me say, I’m only a cat mom, not a Mom-Mom at this point, so I have a huge amount of respect for parents. As someone who works with extremely limited time I can tell you that planning, accepting help, and utilizing technology is going to be your big three helpers. It is okay to ask for help or to utilize a grocery delivery/meal delivery service. It is important to take care of your own health. You don’t have to be in charge of every aspect of feeding the family. So after we get over the guilt of maybe not being the “Instagram perfect person”, plan the best you can for each meal. Find a protein. Find your fiber. Go for the most nutrient-dense option. We are so lucky to have more convenient, healthy foods these days. I’m a Wegman’s lover so their pre-prepped veggies are amazing.

2. Do you have a go-to dinner meal for nights when you’re slammed, exhausted, and have no time? 
A bag of greens + rotisserie chicken + chopped veggies or fruit from the fridge! Essentially a ‘clean out the fridge’ salad. If you have leftovers from the day before, even better. Put them on greens.
3. What are some of your favorite snacks on the go? I know I personally am tired of almonds!
Perfect Bars are my essential for travel. I also really love Oloves (olives-healthy fat!), dried mango or Kura (a New Zealand grass fed dairy powder)  in a shaker bottle with coconut water or cold brew coffee. For a snack, the most important thing is that you remember it and it’s nutritionally balanced. If you’re bringing a piece of fruit, bring the nuts or the Oloves to pair with it! The purpose of snacks is to act as a stopgap between meals while providing extra nutrition. If you let yourself get too hungry, you’re going to inhale anything and sometimes everything. Don’t let bad decisions happen. Keep snacks stored for when you need them.
4. There are a lot of diets and trends that seemingly offer a quick plan to lose weight that I know appeal to a lot of new moms or women trying to lose weight in general. Are there any diet fads that you absolutely cringe at, being a nutritionist? 

Honestly, every fad diet. New and extreme is sexy to us as a culture, but creating a plan, eating in a balanced way and continuing to adopt thatas a lifestyle instead of a diet is going to work. Sorry! No magic easy button. There are little tweaks that can be personalized working with a registered dietitian nutritionist who can really delve into what YOU need. But we always tell people: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
5. If there was only one thing for a woman to start to do in terms of working on her nutrition, what would it be?
I am currently obsessed with gut microbiome health. There are so many studies that are showing how much a healthy gut helps your weight, your mood and your immune system. So my advice there is feed yourself fiber (not like a fiber supplement) from fruit, veggies, pulses (dried peas, beans, legumes etc) and enjoy probiotics (naturally occurring in yogurt and some pickled things).
But for those not as into gut health as I am, I say get your greens. I think you’d be surprised how rarely you’re eating them. They’re packed with amazing nutrition benefits, minerals, and fiber.
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