After a winter spent indoors with a toddler I am really looking forward to being outside as much as possible! Plus Adelyn is now at the age where she can interact with what we’re doing, versus last year where she was just observing from her stroller. I’ve gathered up a list of fun activities for us to put on our calendars for April & May in the D.C. area.

Cherry Blossom Kite Festival. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a nightmare of tourists & chaos but it is really pretty. The Kite Festival is a good opportunity to take part while having some fun with your kids (though probably best for older ones who’ll appreciate kite flying).

Eggstravaganza at Tudor Place. A more low key Easter egg hunt & egg roll contest than the other D.C. event at the White House. Plus Tudor Place seems to be one of those hidden gems where there’s always a ton of events but may not be on the main list of attractions.

National Zoo Kids’ Farm. In April the National Zoo is having daily events at their kids’ farm including fish feeding, storytime, music, & meeting farm animals. (This is definitely something I’m planning on taking Adelyn too- really great for all ages!)

Games They Played at DAR Museum. Various games that historical figures like George Washington & Harriet Tubman played as kids. Combining history lessons with playtime? Right up my alley.

Teddy Bear Concert at the Kennedy Center. This program is aimed at young ones & they’re encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animals with them- how adorable is that?! A great way to introduce music to your toddlers/little kids.

Between spring break & summer at home, there’s going to be plenty of times where I’m going to just need to get out of the house with her. Hopefully the pool will be an option but I’m planning on putting together a master list of local places to visit on a regular basis plus activities that anyone with toddlers can do. Keeping this list handy for when we bored will leave the stress out of planning & give us plenty of options, so look for those posts in the coming weeks!

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