I hate about 95% of NYFW coverage (so much so that I’ve already written a post about it). I just cannot handle bloggers complain-bragging about being exhausted & their feet hurting. It’s optional, if it’s that big of an issue than stay home. Seriously there are only a few bloggers who presence at fashion week is really necessary. I don’t mind the bloggers who are honest about why they are there: it’s a great opportunity to network plus it seems like a lot of fun. And if you leave it at that, great. But so many instead choose to suddenly take on a persona of the too-cool-fashionista when in reality they are a mid-level personal style blogger. Own it, ladies.And now that I’m down ranting/preaching, I wanted to share some tips for us readers on how to get through this without shutting down our social media for the week. Short of unfollowing people on social media, that is!

  1. Embrace the Snapchat coverage. I’m finding that a lot of bloggers are showing more behind-the-scenes of what NYFW is really like & I think that’s much more interesting. Jacey of Damsel in Dior (username: DamselinDior) has the best snaps as she is super entertaining but also has legit reasons to attend NYFW.
  2. Look up the shows/presentations you actually care about & then ignore all the other coverage. I love Kate Spade. I think it makes sense for bloggers to be at Kate Spade. So it has become maybe the one show I will read about from said bloggers.
  3. Stick to blogs from actual New Yorkers. Hear me out: these are people who are in the city all the time & can network with a lot of these brands at other points. They also get to go home & rest so tend to avoid the this-is-so-exhausting rhetoric. Grace from The Stripe is a great example as it seems she really only attends events she truly wants to & doesn’t go to things just to go to.
  4. Look up fashion related events in your area as many happen around the same time. Use the momentum of NYFW to draw attention to more local events, if you’re a blogger. Might as well offer your own (reasonable) fashion coverage because it can be a fun time of year. For D.C. area folks, the Mosaic District in Fairfax is having their own fashion week from this Wednesday to Sunday.
  5. Take a blog break! Seriously, pick up a book or a magazine to find inspiration from other sources. You know what you’re missing on the fashion blogs during this time, so you’re good!
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