Fall has been ingrained in me as the time to start over & kick off a new year, thanks to years as both student & teacher. But really, after a usually indulgent summer it really is a great time of year to settle back into real life & become productive again. And a fun starting point is always new products for your desk! Shopping. Always the answer in my book.

Emily Ley just released their new fall products & I absolutely adore how cute they are without being childish. Quirky little coffee cup or pineapple paperclips still look grown-up in their solid gold. The icon planner stickers are colorful but simple. And who doesn’t want a pineapple pen cup?! (It sold out almost immediately but keep checking for it to be restocked).

I’m also really excited for her book, Grace Not Perfection, to be released on October 11. I may have pre-ordered it as soon as it was on Amazon! Emily has long been an inspiration to me- I love how inspirational but real her Instagram is. Not only is she a business owner who has creates amazing products every year but she is a mom of 3 who puts her family first. And showcases that her life is totally chaotic at times, which I appreciate. Seeing photos of toys exploded in her living room makes her so much more relateable than the bloggers who have their all white playrooms perfectly put together (seriously, what’s up with the all white?! No way that works with kids!).

So I’m looking forward to the book because these days I’m all about real mom inspiration & motivation.

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