A big wardrobe struggle of mine has been either 1) getting lured by the sale rack or 2) feeling the need to have a lot of diversity in my closet. I’m trying to be much more intentional about any items I buy & cleaning out the pieces that no longer fit or fit my lifestyle. But beyond that I’m also embracing the fact that there are specific colors I am drawn to, look best in, & want to wear.

Part of my closet editing mission was to get a clear idea of what I want it to ultimately look like. I downloaded this free wardrobe planner from Un-Fancy to give myself a physical handout as a guide. And the idea of having major & minor colors plus accents gave me such a clear vision for how I want my closet to look that I had to share! Filling out this worksheet did not reveal anything shocking but rather gave me a strong sense of what I wanted in my clothes & will help me if I start to stray towards a bargain that I may regret later on!


First, the major colors. This is going to be the majority of your wardrobe & what I consider the “base” of your closet. Other pieces can be added on top, but these are going to be your yearly dependable outfits. I had created a Pinterest board for fall/winter inspiration (I’m planning on doing this again for the warmer seasons) & used that as a visual to confirm what my desired colors were.

My major colors were all the neutrals: cream/white, black, & navy. For me I think it makes sense to have a neutral base to then build on, especially since I tend to go for either timeless looks or preppy pieces.

The second part is your minor colors: the pieces that make up a smaller portion of your clothes but the shades that you reach for again & again. These are going to be the ones you play around with a bit more but don’t wear head-to-toe! My closet has kind of already been condensed to shades of reds, deep purples, & blush pinks. I think I look best in these & certainly feel my best in them!

Having a physical piece of paper in front of me when  I edit my clothes & then as a reminder when I shop is great as a constant reminder of the overall picture of my wardrobe. It also ensures that the pieces of clothing will be more likely to match with multiple pieces & I won’t be stuck with a wonky color that has nothing else to pair with!

Next week I’m going to be going over the accents, which are the fun additions to the closet!

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