The one thing I’ve loved about blogging that I never would’ve guessed was learning about design & (a little) about websites. It’s this whole new forum that I really love but have spent most of the time teaching myself. With zero background in design & only knowing about blogging through trial & error I’ve decided to get a little more advanced & take some online classes. There are so many options out there but I’ve picked out the top 5 resources that I’m either trying or are on my long list to sign up for!

1. Lynda

I’ve signed up for this monthly subscription to take some online graphics & design classes. I really love how many options are available- it also makes it seem like you have college courses at your fingertips.

2. Blogshop

This is the ultimate in learning how to blog & while I’ve never taken it you get to know this course fairly quickly if you follow blogs. You can either take it in person or online & it’s probably the most comprehensive course on all things blogging related.

3. Elle & Co

Elle & Co has easily become my favorite blogging resource of late. Lauren offers webinars & ecourses but also has a really solid blog with a lot of weekly posts that will help any blogger. I haven’t signed up for any of her courses (yet) but religiously read her blog daily & have a ton of posts bookmarked to come back to.

4. Heart & Arrow

I’m actually taking Whit’s Instagram class tonight, which prompted this post. These online classes are limited in availability but I love what Whit has done in such a short period of time, so figure I can learn a lot from her! Be on the lookout for upcoming offerings.

5. The B Bar

Whether you’re not wanting an entire course or just need some help with certain areas of blogging the B Bar offers “cocktails” or pdf’s on specific topics.  Prices range from free to $15 so even if you’re not so sure about this blogging thing there’s little financial commitment!

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