What I’m Doing to Prepare for My Future

Preparing for the Future //  by The Yuppie Files

If you’re read this blog over the past year you know we made the big move further into the suburbs. And that this was never the grand plan, especially since we moved into the neighborhood I grew up in. But thinking about how we plan & prep for our future made me realize that this move was really all about the future of our family. We opted for the better family home, what would provide our kids with better space, a better yard & equally good schools while also giving us more flexibility in future expenses like date nights or vacations. We opted for a better way of life versus our “dream” neighborhood. And honestly? We made the best decision.

It was easy to imagine fitting into a small home with our one year old but when you thought about adding in a second kid & their lives when they got older it became much clearer that we wanted to provide a little more space for them. We loved the older homes in Arlington. We did not love the split-levels in the suburbs. We however loved the space those split-levels provided, how we could host bbq’s in the backyard & let the kids have their own playroom while we made dinner in a kitchen where we could both fit at the same time. Thinking about what we wanted for our family & how we needed to grow into the house became bigger then where we wanted to live.

The other issue was of course price- the closer you’re to D.C., the more expensive the homes. Buying a home in Arlington would have meant limiting our expenses elsewhere. Our way of life became more important. Being able to go on family vacations or even weekends away was important to us. A nice little vintage home might have seemed great walking through it, but 5 years down the line I was going to get annoyed that we could never leave it!

I have to laugh at people in their 20’s who claim they will never live in the suburbs. I was one of you my friends! And while some of you can truly make it work in the city, others of us realize that the price & space just can’t work. Becoming a parent means you put someone else’s needs ahead of yours. For us that really came through in abandoning what we personally had wanted in a home to what was best for our family & our future.

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25 thoughts on “What I’m Doing to Prepare for My Future

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  5. Jordana @WhiteCabana

    It’s important to adjust your goals and priorities along the way, isn’t it? I always thought I’d stay and live in Toronto (where I grew up), but I’ve realized that I like the calmness and friendliness that comes with living in a small town. Who knew!?

    1. The Yuppie Files Post author

      What I imagined in my teens or twenties is not at all what I need now. It really is funny & shows you should never make big proclamations because things do change!

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  7. White Oak Creative

    It’s funny how our goals and priorities change as we get older. I think a lot of it has to do with experience and time. Your decision process and reasons make a lot of sense and seem very practical.

    1. The Yuppie Files Post author

      Thank you! It’s definitely hard to adjust but it does get easier to make these big decisions when you get older!

  8. Kelly

    LOL so true. I never wanted to live in the suburbs but even without kids I find myself looking at those houses and picturing a family. Sometimes you gotta let go of things you went YEARS expecting.

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  11. Rachel

    Agreed! I never realized how much I would love living in the suburbs! Another example of how future planning is an important part of life and all variables need to be considered, not just immediate needs and wants.

  12. carrie loves (@carrieloves)

    It sounds like your sacrifice to move in to the suburbs wasn’t a sacrifice at all! All the benefits you mentioned definitely out weigh the cons. You always have to make difficult decisions in marriage and raising kids, but in the end those decisions make us better and shape us as adults.

  13. Jess Zimlich

    I’ve heard the prices of homes in D.C. are cringe-worthy…nothing compared to here in Kansas City! I appreciate that you are doing what’s best for yourself, without worrying about what others might think πŸ™‚

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