The Weekender

weekender 11-22image

And so begins the insanity of the holiday season + adjusting to being a working mom. I started work again on Wednesday & while in some ways I’m glad to be back it was traumatizing for me to leave baby girl at daycare. I definitely miss her during the day! And it’s been hard to transition into work mode since I pretty much had the past 5 months off between summer break & maternity leave. You kind of forget how to function!

I’m trying to keep myself organized & not overwhelmed but it feels like nearly every part of my life requires effort. Clearly motherhood & work always does, but little things like putting on work clothes (nothing fits) & eating (making wiser choices because you know, nothing fits!) requires more effort than it usually does. Our annual holiday party is the week after Thanksgiving, so we’re already in Christmas & I have a feeling the rest of 2013 is going to fly by in a blur. After so many months of either doing nothing or solely focusing on the baby it just seems like it’s all hit at once. And I am not a person who handles business/stress well! I guess this will be a good test for better habits!
Anyways, here are some things giving my brain a break!

On my nightstand: Starting Pandemonium, the next in the Delirium series. The first book was okay, I think I had higher expectations based on what my friends were saying. It simply hasn’t grabbed me the same way The Hunger Games did.

On my television: Meet the Sloths. It was nice of Animal Planet to start airing this show while my college roomies & I were getting together, since we’ve actually met these sloths! You may recall a little post I did about the sloth sanctuary we went to in Costa Rica & a certain famous one named Buttercup. Well, they’re now being featured on their own show. Naturally I have to watch it!

On my bookmarks: Back to work means back to making my lunches the night before & not just rummaging through the fridge each day. I’ve been eating this delicious baked potato with balsamic caramelized onions & mushrooms this week.

On my wishlist: Clothes! My maternity clothes don’t fit yet my regular clothes don’t either. I have a single pair of pants to wear to work & two dresses. No skirts, nothing else but leggings. I literally have nothing to wear! I would love this green plaid pencil skirt for work & holiday parties.

On my calendar: Visiting the Tuckernuck pop-up shop in Georgetown. I missed the launch party but want to stop by!