Weekend Note 1.23.15



I’ve hit a winter slump this week, coupled with the end of a quarter & lots of grading to do. My evenings have been spent getting addicted to Scandal – I’m in the middle of season 2 & can’t stop watching. I think a trip to the library may be in order this weekend so that I have something to do beyond being glued to my iPad!

And the kitchen. I know everyone must be tired of hearing about the kitchen but I’m a homebody in a home that has been in disarray since we moved in. It’s driving me nuts! But it’s almost over! I’m so thrilled with how it’s looking & there’s only a few more things to finish it up. We’re at the point where we can start putting together our living room at least & maybe work on unpacking a few of those boxes from November. It’s those little things making me happy!

Now onto the links of this week:


Most Valuable Purchase of 2014



I love The B Bar so am excited to participate in their new monthly link up. Each month they’ll pose a question & a series of bloggers will be answering it (go to the bottom of the post for all the participating bloggers’ links!). This month’s: What did you purchase in the past year that became invaluable to you? It didn’t take much thought: our house! But it’s not really just about having a new house & more space. It’s really been the lifestyle change that came with it.

To be fair our lives changed much earlier but this house represents the final frontier of adulthood. We had long ago ended our days of walking to the bars & spending our weekend mornings hungover. Our dog was the first to nail us down to our home more often. Obviously having a baby drastically changed our lives & priorities. But this new house in the suburbs was the final step for me, the moment that represented there was no more hiding the fact that I was truly & seriously an adult.


Calling All Readers



There’s going to be a lot of new things being introduced this year to The Yuppie Files & I’m excited to unveil the first one: a monthly newsletter! Okay, it’s not a big glamorous announcement but I have been wanting to start a way to share information with my readers more directly with helpful tips & great links that don’t make it onto the blog.


5 Reasons to Move to the Suburbs



My claim of never living in the suburbs ever again, as long as I lived? Eating crow. I swore I was a city girl or at the very least a urban suburb like Arlington, VA. But in my two plus months of moving back I’ve realized the ‘burbs get a bad rap. Sure, they’re not as pretty as the country & they’re not as efficient or trendy as the city. There are some really great benefits though & I think it’s time we focus on the good of the suburbs, not just the bad!


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