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First off, I did a fun little interview/questionnaire at Little Bitty City One that is up today, so make sure you check it out!

I’ve struggled a bit with finding a system to plan out my blog & social media posts, while not having multiple calendars to keep track of. I decided to create my own that would fit into my Day Designer so that I could easily keep track of my blog schedule within my planner. I figured I’d share it because it’s worked really well for me so far.


All About the Snow Boots



Hopefully everyone in the northeast already was prepared with their snow boots but if you’re like me you might have procrastinated & gotten by with things like, rain boots. Guess what? Rain boots aren’t that great in snowy or icy conditions. I did get to break out my ice skating skills when I wore them for our first snow but decided it was time to maybe do some snow boot shopping. In January. After they’re all sold out. Oof.

The good news is that there are still some cute options for those of us who are a bit slow, so I’m rounded up some of my favorites below, including the ones I ended up buying.


An Easy Way to Keep Nail Polish Organized


Nail Polish Organization

Of all the things to start with in organizing in our new home, I jumped right in with …. my nail polish. Ha. I started small because I was overwhelmed & the bathroom was almost the only room not affected by the renovation. In the old house I had a basket filled with whatever nail polish I had thrown in & hid it in a closet. I wanted a better system but also one that wouldn’t be as messy since our main cabinet has glass doors for all to see.


Weekend Note 1.23.15



I’ve hit a winter slump this week, coupled with the end of a quarter & lots of grading to do. My evenings have been spent getting addicted to Scandal – I’m in the middle of season 2 & can’t stop watching. I think a trip to the library may be in order this weekend so that I have something to do beyond being glued to my iPad!

And the kitchen. I know everyone must be tired of hearing about the kitchen but I’m a homebody in a home that has been in disarray since we moved in. It’s driving me nuts! But it’s almost over! I’m so thrilled with how it’s looking & there’s only a few more things to finish it up. We’re at the point where we can start putting together our living room at least & maybe work on unpacking a few of those boxes from November. It’s those little things making me happy!

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