A Little Love Story

still showing the 80’s love: rocking our Footloose themed costumes, Halloween 2011

Tomorrow marks 6 years of marriage for my husband & I, otherwise known as the “iron” anniversary. I swear, if he gets me an actual iron or ironing board…..

So today is a little trip down memory lane. We met in college, in student government. He first got a crush on me at a Halloween party where I was rocking some gigantic crimped hair & a favorite Bon Jovi tee. Thus began our love story revolving around 80’s music (wedding song= “Melt With You”, countless Legwarmers concerts, the above photo…). Neither one of us had marriage on our minds when we first started dating: he was getting ready to graduate college, I was getting excited about being able to legally drink the following year. Priorities people!

But here we are, 11 1/2 years later: four degrees have been earned, two homes have been bought, one daughter was born, one dog adopted, &  lots of jobs have been gone through. Plus 6 years of marriage. We’ll be celebrating our favorite way: exploring a new place & eating lots of amazing food. Can’t wait for more adventures in the years to come!


Casual Style // Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Sunday

Running errands with a baby turns into a production so I enjoy the little moments where I can slip out with minimal effort. I tend to grab only the essentials to throw in this tote (made in my friends & my brief attempt at craft club) & try to walk to as many places as possible. Take my time & enjoy the quiet! After a brunch with friends & babies I took my walk to the library & Starbucks. My favorite types of errands!

Sundays are all about comfort, so my leggings as pants rules are totally acceptable. I’ve been loving this Loft shirt (also in navy/white & grey/white polka dots) because it has a tiny bit of structure but is still really soft & comfortable. This was bought prior to my commitment to not shop & I know I’m all about shopping in your own closet right now but …. they’re $25 right now. So that’s really hard to pass up, right?

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Alright D.C. bloggers, a little plug. CapFABB is hosting their very first #CapFABBAcademy, a series of educational blogger events & it’s kicking off next Tuesday with the panel “Making it a Business”. I am so excited for this because let’s be honest, learning & blogging combined. My favorite things!

All the details are here but the key ones are that it is Tuesday Sept.23 at CityCenterDC, you must be a CapFABB member (find out how here), & it’s FREE! There are cocktails after so you can actually pay attention to that educational part first! There is limited space so make sure to rsvp!

And for the non-D.C. bloggers I will be sharing some highlights from the event!


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Work Style // Simple Silhouette

Simple Silhouette

This was my carry over outfit from summer, with a scarf thrown on to make it more professional. Obviously most people would need a blazer or something over the tank to make it office appropriate but it was a good transitional outfit when the weather was still in the 90’s.

I know the rule that you’re supposed to throw something out when you don’t wear it more than once a season (if at all) but this skirt breaks that rule. I probably only wear it 2-3 times a year but every time I contemplate donating it I remember all the things that may look good with it. It’s a favorite that doesn’t get much play. Now that I’ve rededicated myself to shopping my own closet items like this are really going to test their merit!

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