Finding Focus in Your Blog

Finding Focus in Your Blog

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in 3 1/2 years of blogging is the importance of an editorial calendar. Not only does keeping a calendar of your posts keep you organized but it allows you to work ahead on ideas & keep your blog consistent in it’s focus. Coming up with 20-25 post ideas per month though can be overwhelming at first but I found that a weekly topic schedule is the easiest way to maintain a steady focus while also helping your creativity flow because you have a little guidance. Here’s my current topic schedule:

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4 Rules for Wearing Leggings

5 Rules for Wearing Leggings as Pants

Real life has hit hard lately- school started for teachers yesterday & we put our house on the market this past weekend. Lots of cleaning & prep work all around! All of this is good stuff, it’s just been a bit to juggle. Saturday it all really hit me & I just wanted to curl up & take a nap. So I did. But the chilly rainy weather let me break out my favorite relaxing clothes- leggings! Leggings are my go-to for casual fall & winter days but I think they are also really easy to go off track with. So these are my 4 rules to keeping leggings looking chic versus a hot mess!

1. Stick to black

Unless you’re pin thin & a funky trendsetter you should just put back the patterned or colorful leggings. Especially if they look like you also rocked them in 1988. Black are classic & easier to pull off. They don’t have to be boring though- the black ones I’m wearing in the photo above? Fun without being too over the top (though I may be pushing it wearing pleather in my 30′s…. ha!) Continue reading →

Working vs. Stay-At-Home Motherhood


So I’ve gotten to experience a little bit of both worlds thanks to my summer as a stay-at-home mom & the biggest thing I’ve taken away is this job in the winter must blow! Daily walks or trips to the park keep us from going too stir crazy & allows me to talk to other human beings. The middle of January when this isn’t an option? Yikes! Other than the possible nervous twitch I’d develop in the colder months, I think both versions of motherhood have their own unique challenges & that not one side is greener than the other (let’s use a few more cliches, shall we?). So here are my thoughts on both, since I’ve gotten little glimpses of both:

Stay-at Home Motherhood:

The good: you’re with your babe all day. There is no guilt about leaving & your mind can be (mostly) focused on them & not what needs to be done at work. We’ve spent a lot of bonding time & I have a ton of memories to bore her with when she’s 16, like her giggling while swinging or how crawling on the dog was a favorite activity. I don’t miss much because I’m with her all the time. There’s nothing that can replace that.

The bad: you’re with your babe all day. I pee with company now. I shove food in my mouth when I can. I jam all cleaning/work/blogging/showering/etc. into nap time. There is no personal time or space, plus children are not adorable all day long. Screaming days happen a lot & there is no break. It is absolutely exhausting & you have little to show for  it after a long day, other than bags under your eyes. Plus I don’t care how many people tell you they think parenting is the hardest job: when it comes down to it, a lot of people still act like you’re on a bit of vacation because you’re not waking up to go to the office.

Working Motherhood:

The good: You get time for yourself. Like to pee. Or eat a sandwich, even if it is at your desk. Tired? You can run out for a cup of coffee because you can run out. No stroller needed, no carseat loaded- you can actually run 5 minute errands. And check email. And talk to other adults. And feel like you’re using your brain.

The bad: You can’t be great (or sometimes even good) at everything & it’s a constant struggle to feel like you’re doing well at your job & as a mother. There is guilt when you leave them at daycare. You are tired in a totally different way when you go to bed at night. Your mind is pulled in 100 different directions at all time. You are stretched thin.


Both are exhausting. I found staying at home much more physically exhausting & working mentally exhausting. I was much less emotional being with her all day because I could put any work I needed to do on the backburner- no pressure to get anything done. I also had vacations though whether it was to bring her to grandparents with me or get a weekend with the girls by myself. That doesn’t happen as often when it isn’t summer! Honestly, both are hard but I’d be lying to say I wasn’t looking forward a little bit to going back to work. I still get my afternoons with her since I get out so early, so in that way I am lucky. But I don’t think I’ll be wishing to stay at home with her as much as I did last year since I know it’s not as easy as I thought it would be!

Okay fellow moms- what are your thoughts? What is the good & bad about your experience?


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