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I’m really excited to be co-hosting this giveaway because who doesn’t want some money to spend at Topshop on their fall wardrobe?!  One lucky reader will have the chance to shop till they drop with a $300 Topshop gift card- that’s some serious shopping damage! Just enter below (on the Rafflecopter form) to be entered.

You can enter daily over the next 2 weeks and earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway with your friends on social media. Good luck!


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Beyond the Blog // Julia Dzafic

Beyond the Blog with Julia Dzafic

What is your current career?

I am the Head of Online Marketing at Nourish Snacks, a new healthy snack delivery service start-up! I also run my blog, Lemon Stripes, full time as well as a little online boutique, the Lemon Stripes Store.


What was your background (schooling, first jobs, etc.)? How has your career evolved?

I majored in Political Science in college and after studying how messed up our country is, I decided that I really did not want to be in politics after all. My first job in New York was as a Sales Assistant at a Bridal Magazine (who knew there were so many veil brands!). I went from there to an Executive Assistant at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (A holistic nutrition school, of which I’m also a graduate. Fun fact!). In 4 years at IIN, I moved up the ranks until I became the Director of Sales and lead a team of almost 40 people. It was an unreal experience but I left last year to start my business, the Lemon Stripes Store.

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4 Steps for Dealing with Rosacea

4 Steps for Dealing with Rosacea

Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap|Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup & Cleanser

One day in 7th grade U.S. History a girl who sat next to me (& shall not be named) stared me down & then informed me I wore too much blush. Obviously I have never been able to let this go as my unfortunate blush situation was due to a skin ailment thankyouverymuch. However, she did have a point as my flaming red cheeks were not a good look. Rosacea is not just a blushing complexion- it’s like having a permanent sunburn almost. You can feel the heat radiating from your face when you have a flare up. There are 4 types, with one including pimple like bumps & another that can thicken the skin & enlarge the nose. So yeah, you want to get that checked out. (The 4th is ocular rosacea, which yep means your eyes get red & really irritated to the point where you can barely open them. I was lucky enough to experience that one too!).

I’ve learned how to control my symptoms over the years. The first step is obviously to see a dermatologist because it does worsen without proper treatment. You may want to find someone who specializes in rosacea – my derm actually has it herself, which is great when I discuss issues with her.

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Book Review // Abroad

Book Review- Abroad

I need a quick summer read & I’m always a sucker for a good mystery, though this novel doesn’t really qualify since you certainly know the outcome. I was intrigued though when I read a synopsis because while it is a piece of fiction it was based on the Meredith Kercher murder (& Amanda Knox hoopla). I’m not a big fan of “ripped from the headlines” stories (though I can embarrassingly get sucked into a SVU marathon) but this seemed less kitschy than it should be so I gave it a shot.

While it is very clearly based on the real situation it is also easy to take yourself away from it & get involved in the characters, especially because it doesn’t focus on the after part of the murder as much. The main character, Taz, goes abroad to study in Grifonia, Italy & attaches herself to a group of 3 popular British girls. She lives with two Italian girls & an outgoing, brash American (hmmm, wonder who that is based on) & tries to reinvent herself a little while in Italy. She’s a very likeable character, shy but wanting to break out & have a little adventure. Obviously she gets more than what she bargained for because by the end she is murdered but who did it & why is what keeps you guessing a little. It’s not a whodunnit mystery but rather following Taz as she makes some questionable decisions as any 21 year old would & wonder exactly what her fate will be.

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