Blog School: Logo and Design // by The Yuppie Files

The design of your blog is absolutely crucial to keeping readers. We judge books by their cover in the blog world & if you’re blog is unreadable, cluttered or just not attractive people will immediately move on. Beyond just being pretty you want the design to reflect the content of your blog & most importantly you. Here are the basic steps you need in order to create your own design vision, without spending big bucks on a designer.

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The Summer Suit // by The Yuppie Files_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

ruched halter one-piece | striped halter bikini | teardrop paisley bikini | whale print beach bag | pink sunglasses | patterned flip flops | sleeveless tassel tunic


Bathing suit shopping is a necessary evil that has become a little less painful for me since I’ve given up the bikini (hello, having a baby). However I’ve also chosen to not focus on just the bathing suit but rather think of it as the base for a whole pool or beach look. As a pale girl in her 30’s I’m more aware of sun damage than ever so having a cover-up & hat is now something that I prioritize. Sunglasses are always a must to just be able to see but I think the entire look gives you a little bit of glamor while also keeping your skin a bit covered from the sun. Thinking about the look as a whole will make you look more pulled together but also more likely to actually wear the items since you’ll want to show them off!

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101 Things in 1001 Days // by The Yuppie Files

I’ve been a long time fan of Mackenzie of Design Darling & as an avid list maker I really liked the idea of her 101 in 1001 bucket list. I’d previously tried to put one together but kept coming up really short & figured it just wasn’t meant to happen. Reading about her revamped list though made me realize that I already had one going: places to take Adelyn, dates to go on with my husband, things I wanted to accomplish with the blog & at work. Plus I’m terrible at coming up with ideas when put on the spot so I like having a ready to go to list! Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in the next 1001 days:

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Weekend Note 5.1.15 // by The Yuppie Files

I’ve declared the month of May to be the month of “joy”. A little attitude change was in order- I’m someone who gets very down, very easily. So we’re giving this half glass full thing a try, seeing how positive Kellie works. Or how long she lasts. It helps that May is so very close to the end of the school year, the weather is turning gorgeous & there’s a lot of weekend fun to look forward to. This one is all about being low key, with hopefully a date night involved.

Now on to happy links:

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