See Design Clutches

See Design Clutches See Design Clutches

All of my bags these days seem to be giant. My work bag is actually a travel bag because I need to stuff so much in there daily! Then everytime I’m out these days baby girl tends to be with us so my baby bag is my go-to. Inevitably everything I need falls to the bottom & gets buried under papers or diapers. Small clutches/pouches have become my life savers to hold all my smaller stuff so that it’s easily accessible & my bag stays organized.

My sister-in-law gave me one from See Design that has quickly become a favorite, so I had to share. I have the grey striped design but loved all the options the clutches come in. They are so perfect because they are large to hold a number of things but still fit into your tote or double as an actual clutch. I used mine this past weekend to travel to Boston & throw in all my travel necessities from my iPod to a pack of gum.

The key is to find one that is cute enough & sturdy enough to double as an actual clutch. There are a lot of times where I may just be running into a store or am traveling & need a smaller bag option. It’s easy to pull this out, throw in some money & your cell & go!

Looks: Sweet Neutrals

Spring outfits I have a hard time with peplum & will be relieved when the trend dies if only so I don’t get tempted to keep trying it. I have a long torso so it always hits me in a really awkward spot. I love that this top has the general peplum shape but its more relaxed so I can try the trend with it still looking okay on me.

I went for it last weekend & put all my winter clothes away. It was really depressing to pack up the skirts & pants that have gotten zero wear now for 2 seasons (babies!) but luckily the promise of sunshine eased that pain away. And new clothes. New clothes makes everything better!

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Workout Diary // vol.2

Workout Diary vol 2 image

I have had a solid month of yoga & am at the point where I actually look forward to going, which is not something I have ever been able to say about working out! A huge difference recently has been a shift in my mentality about working out. It has always been about losing weight for me but now yoga is as much about my mental state & doing something healthy for myself.

I’ve also figured out that the environment has been key for me. I would always work out on my own because after a day of being surrounded by teenagers the last thing I wanted was a class with booming music & a yelling instructor. However I am terrible at self-motivation so my workouts were not always the most effective. Yoga has been a happy medium where I may be surrounded by people but everyone is quiet & focused with relaxing music. Yoga is also about pushing yourself without being competitive at all, which is exactly what I need.

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