Work Style Inspiration // The Good Wife

The Good Wife

I’ve been religiously watching The Good Wife for 6 seasons now & I have to say that while I love the characters, the plot, & all that jazz the fashion this year is outstanding! I mean, look at that blouse?! I can’t say I really remember much of what Alicia (Juliana Margulies) has worn in the past but this season she’s bringing her fashion A game.

Dressing business professional is really hard sometimes because you have so much less freedom in making the outfits your own. I love how even in a suit Alicia looks stylish because of the details or material- still very appropriate for her law office but still very chic. Definitely looking forward to seeing what else she wears this season (& yeah, the story blah blah blah). Lots of great professional attire inspiration!

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Around Here…

Life Latelyweekend conference essentials | my makeup & hair for date night- successfully done! | family fun day to pick pumpkins | walking Abby around our favorite block while we still can

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed when I think of the coming weeks. Luckily it’s the end of the quarter at work & although that adds more stress it also adds some distraction from the fact we’re moving shortly. It’s not just there’s a lot to be done but the emotional part is hitting me. I’ve accepted the part where we’re leaving our home but it’s the little things like oh, this will be one of the last times I walk Abby around this block. Just the little things that only get you when you’re about to leave!

This past weekend was a good break in terms of not freaking out about the move. I had a conference for work on Friday & Saturday morning which gave me such much needed inspiration for school. We packed a bit Saturday afternoon & then went out for a real (no baby) date night. All dressed up, lipstick on, & talking to my husband over delicious food- I remember how awesome dates are! We spent Sunday as a family picking a pumpkin & playing on swings & slides. It was gorgeous out, I got time with my family (dog included) & was reminded to slow down & enjoy these moments.

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Work Style // Textured


Oh, this week. We’re packing up boxes & closing on the new house so I’m trying to savor these last moments in our first home. Of course it’s not exactly relaxing as the house is an explosion of stuff & all I can think about is how much needs to be done, but I’m trying nonetheless! This little park behind our home has been the site of many an outfit photo but is now the mini soccer field for our toddler. She can sort of kick the ball & sometimes topples over when running but I’m sure she’s got varsity material in her!

In other news I’ve been pulling together ideas for the new house & apparently my color palette is being reflected in my outfits because it’s all about the neutrals (I last wore this sweater here). Definitely pops of color, texture or metallics to add some fun. You know, pretty much my outfit. Really awkward in the future when I’m camouflaged into my living room.

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Sharing Your Family Online

Child in Autumn

This is a topic I have struggled with a lot in this past year. When Adelyn was first born all I wanted to do was share photos of her- I think that’s a natural new parent instinct! But I wasn’t sure how much to post on the blog or my blog related social media channels or if it would really matter. You hear stories of people using your children’s photos for ads or even creepy fake family role-play on Instagram (I mean, why?!). Since I share so much of my life on the blog though it’s weird to pretend she doesn’t exist though.

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