Steal Her Style // Marissa Hermer

Steal Her Style- Marissa Hermer

Modcloth DressBaublebar Earrings | Clinique Lipstick| Hair Donut | Ted Baker Clutch | Corso Como Pump

I’ve mentioned it before but my latest style crush is Marissa Hermer from Ladies of London. Yeah, kind of embarrassing but I can pretend that it’s a more sophisticated reality show because of the accents, right? Probably not but it still made me happy. And Marissa was by far my favorite, especially her style. Very ladylike, sophisticated but still a little fun. And it’s definitely something I feel like I can pull off albeit at a much lower price point! Plus she’s just so perky & well behaved compared to the other crazy Americans on the show, so I think it’s a good role model!

For those who didn’t watch the show, Marissa definitely dresses her age without being frumpy. Feminine dresses in fun prints, a swipe of lipstick, hair simply pulled back, & my new favorite, jeweled studs. She’s definitely a driven woman (a PR career & now working with her husband opening restaurants/nightclubs in London) but has an adorable little family & also remains a very honest, nice person. I think that was the best part about her- in the world of crazy reality show ladies she wasn’t boring but yet was someone you would truly want to be friends with. I digress though because we’re talking about style. Her look is very accessible & is definitely what I have been aiming for in my own style so I thought it would be a perfect person to copy for this series!


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5 Must Have Items for Fall

5 Must Have Items for Fall

Halogen Colorblock Sheath Dress| Halogen Wool Shawl Collar Coat| Leith Abstract Print Scarf| Steve Madden Pointy Toe Pump| Kate Spade Satchel

Things I have learned while perusing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: I am loving colorblocking this fall & leather details are still very much on trend. For me fall is always about back to school, except instead of buying backpacks I am prepping my classroom AND my wardrobe.Each fall I feel like I want to be a girl in a Hitchcock film- think elegant pencil skirts, perfectly applied makeup, & all sorts of luxe neutral shades. Essentially I want to look like a lady after months of slouching around in sundresses & tank tops. Luckily it seems the looks for fall are in line with that, so I picked out some of my favorite options on sale until August 4th!

My uniform is pretty ideal for any type of work place, since you can dress it up or down as needed. I start with a simple shift (I love the color blocking on the one above) & then add to it. Strappy heels with fun details, a warm coat, & accessories to play up the fall colors are all that is needed for my go-to work look. Other favorites? Simple gold necklaces, chunky cuffs & bracelets, & of course luscious boots as the weather gets cooler. The finishing touch is makeup & this Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette below is perfection. I have a small version & I use absolutely nothing else!

What’s your “welcome to fall” uniform?

Virginia Living

Covet, Arlington VA

Anyone who lives in the metro area can tell you there is a huge difference in whether you live in Maryland, D.C., or Virginia. Even if it’s only 10 minutes away from each other it’s another world in terms of if you’re willing to cross over the lines to the other city/state. Back in the days of us going out to the bars it would take a lot of effort to drag us into the city versus staying in Arlington. And the thought of going into Maryland?! Not happening.

We’re now in a strange transition where we’re still one foot into our “old” life (walking to restaurants, meeting up for happy hours) while starting to plan for our future of suburbia & soccer practice. Our friends are starting to buy their family homes & moving out of the tiny places that were more convenient to the metro. Some of them are thinking about Maryland (gasp!), others are like us & firmly in Virginia. We’re just starting that process of where we’re going to settle but our home & hearts are certainly in this state, so I decided to change one of my series (D.C. Shops) to Virginia Living to reflect this. It’s funny, growing up in the area I always wanted to move (NYC, specifically) but as my life goals changed & I focused more on the reality of wanting to be a mom I’ve started to appreciate what this area has to offer. It was a great place to grow up & being close but not in D.C. allowed me the benefits of a city while still having that suburbia childhood.

Who knows where exactly we’ll end up but I know that I’m embracing my home state more & more these days!




How to Take Better Instagram Pics

How to Take Better Instagram Pics

One of the things that drives me nuts is the overuse of Instagram filters. At first they were fun but a lot of them lead to grainy, dark photos that don’t bring out the natural colors of the original picture. I’ve read a lot of recommendations about what programs other bloggers use & frankly it drives me nuts that a lot of them have 5 separate apps & steps before publishing. Who has time for that?! So here are some simple steps to achieve better photographs using only one extra app beyond Instagram itself!

Step 1: Download the VSCOcam app. A lot of bloggers do use this app to take their photos & I love the more natural filters you can use within it (more on that in a minute).

Step 2: Use the “focus” & “exposure” tools for each photo to maximize the natural light you get in the photo & if you want to get a blurrier background. You click on the little red circle in the VSCOcam app & just play around with it- it requires no real knowledge of what you’re doing, nor does it require a lot of time.

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