5 Essentials for Productivity

5 Essentials for Productivity

This week marks the beginning of our moving chaos which coincides with the end of the quarter. That means I have a lot of work to get done at work while also having no time at home to work on it. I have to make the most of my time in my classroom so that I can focus on either packing or watching baby girl in the coming days.  Why does everything always hit at the same time?

So this post with Kabbage is very timely. I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep myself best on track & these are the 5 little tricks that tend to work for me.

1. Set a bedtime.

Being sleep deprived just means that you won’t be able to give your workload your all, whatever it may be. Setting a strict bedtime where you must drop all & go to sleep will force you to stop working & get that sleep. Sleep is the key to a healthy life my friends!

2. Make a list. Then make another.

I wrote out my to do list yesterday, hyperventilated, then wrote it out again. Putting everything you need to do down on paper helps you gather all your thoughts but then rewriting it in an organized way gives you a game plan. Mine is listed in importance so I can keep myself on track with what really needs to be done this week.

3. Take scheduled breaks.

I say scheduled because it’s really easy to suddenly waste an hour but I do believe in taking little breaks for yourself if you have a lot to get done. Eat a snack. read a few blogs (ahem), or just allot 20 minutes before your bedtime to read a book. Whatever it is make sure you have some time scheduled that’s just for you so you don’t get too overloaded.

4. Classical music.

Any music with lyrics can get too distracting if you’re trying to get something done that requires concentration with reading or writing. I used to listen to classical music while doing homework & have started up again this year at work. It keeps me motivated & I don’t find my mind wandering as much. For tasks that don’t require as much focus though I do crank up the Pandora- the 90’s pop station is a current favorite!

5. Treat yourself to a night off.

If you’re in the middle of a really busy time or you have a project that is a process I fully believe sometimes you just need to take an evening off & go have fun. We’ve scheduled a date night for this Saturday for that very reason. Moving is stressful & we’ll be in the new house right before Thanksgiving so I figure we’ll be able to settle down sometime in 2015. Sure we have a house to pack up & sure I have lots of work I could do. But for our emotional & mental sanity sometimes not doing work is the best thing!



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Fall Reading List: The Classics

Fall Reading List

I’ve always been a big reader & have a long list of books that I then mark off when I’ve read them (wow, control problems). The non-fiction & fiction lists get regularly updated & checked but the classics list has always been a little sad. As someone who reads all the time I feel like I should actually be “well read” & knock out those books that I either should have read in high school or didn’t appreciate in high school. My last attempt was reading Hemingway while 9 months pregnant- uh, big mistake. What a depressed dude (official literary critique). It’s taken me over a year to get over it!

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Giveaway // $300 Kate Spade Giftcard

Kate Spade Giveaway

My absolute favorite brand is Kate Spade- my coworkers have even started to comment on my obsession! So I’m really excited about this latest giveaway that I’ve teamed up with my blogger friends to bring you! We’re giving away a $300 Kate Spade gift card — and you just might be the lucky winner!

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Prize: $300 Kate Spade Gift Card

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Weekend Note // 10.17.14

Weekend Note 10-17

This week was such a waste- I had Monday off & then Wednesday we just gave the students the PSAT’s, so I’ve only actually had 3 days of teaching. I’m heading up to New Jersey tomorrow for my friend Lauren’s bachelorette & bridal shower weekend- I’m so excited! I have a conference for half of next weekend & then we’ll be in the middle of moving. I feel like this is kind of my last weekend to let loose a bit before the insanity of packing up hits us.

So let’s get to the links for this week, shall we?

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