Weekend Note 3-27-15

Tomorrow kicks off spring break! At one point in my life this would mean either an agenda of complete laziness or a trip to somewhere nice & tropical. This time it’s hoping for some warm weather to entertain the toddler! Quite different as an adult, with kid but I’m looking forward to it. As with all weeks before a break this one moved very sloooooowly but I did have book club on Tuesday to break it up a bit (haven’t started it yet but we were supposed to read All the Light We Cannot See – those who had read it recommend it!).

Now for the links:

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Beauty Products for New Moms

Those first few weeks as a new mom are rough for multiple reasons but every last sleepless night shows up on your face. I remember looking in the mirror a few weeks into motherhood & after I put my usual makeup on- yikes! The dark circles & puffiness have honestly never been as bad as they were then! I promptly ordered a collection of eye serums, creams, cover-up- whatever I could to try to look human again. These products were by far my favorites & most of which I still use today to beat the normal tired eye problems (along with a little lipstick for some color).

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4 Simple Instagram Lessons

I’ve been working on my Instagram photography for about two weeks now, in part thanks to Heart & Arrow’s class & other tutorials I’ve read online. Instagram is such a simple platform but there are a few key points to really make your photographs pop, even if you aren’t a photographer. I can look at my feed & see a huge difference from what I was posting just a few weeks ago to today! So here are the simplest 4 lessons I’ve taken to improving my Instagram photos.

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The Yoga Look

Getting to the yoga studio more than twice a week has been a challenge so I thought I’d do a post in my other “studio”- the spare bedroom in our house! Hey, whatever works, right? These are my favorite pieces because I feel good in them when working out. This is key especially since having baby girl- my tummy just hasn’t been quite the same. I’ve definitely fallen off the yoga wagon since moving but I really want to get back to that point where it’s not just about trying to fit into my jeans but also about really feeling good. There’s definitely a peace that comes with yoga after a day of teaching teenagers & then coming home to toddler insanity!

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