Date Night Style // The Floral Dress

The Floral Dress

I have a ridiculous bucket list of places to go “one last time” before we move. Keep in mind we’re moving about 20 minutes away, so it’s not like I’ve never going to see Arlington again. But still. It’s going to be a different situation & we won’t be able to walk to some of our favorite restaurants anymore. To kick off this last hurrah we went to Northside Social, my favorite coffee & wine bar. Since we had baby girl with us we went at the respectable time of 6:30pm & I proceeded to get tipsy prior to 8. Old age, my friends.

This also kicks off my first #StyleRemixChallenge post. I dug in the back of the closet to pick out this dress that I bought years ago at a random boutique in Portland, Maine, pairing it with a belt one my friends gave me & wedges I’ve had forever. You can’t shop this post my friends, but I guess that’s what a style challenge is all about, right?

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Thoughts on Moving

Moving Homes

This whole buying a new home & selling ours has been a whirlwind. We haven’t actually moved at all- we’re not closing until late October. But already my emotions have run the gamut from sadness over leaving our little home in Arlington to excitement at decorating the new place to shock at the fact we’re moving a whole block from the home I grew up in. All of this at the same time as the new school year begins, which any teacher will tell you we get tunnel vision this time of year. Oh, & I don’t do well with change. So there’s that.

A year ago we made the declaration that we would never buy a split-level home & never live in Fairfax. Arlingtonians for life. Oh how young & dumb we were! After a 6 month loose search we realized that staying in our beloved area would mean a much smaller home for our family & for what? Only selfish reasons of wanting to stay here. The schools were just as good in Fairfax, the neighborhoods just as family friendly, & the houses bigger. So off we went & bought ourselves a nice little split-level in Fairfax. Insert foot in mouth.

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Best of Summer Looks

Like a Lady my favorite ladylike skirt

Now that the summer is officially over for me (sitting in my school spirit wear right now, prepping my classroom- whee!) I’m getting a bit nostalgic for the past few months. Not entirely sure why as it wasn’t like it was a wild & crazy summer. Maybe because the finale was spent on prepping our house to sell & not enjoying the last week but I thought it’d be fun to go back through my favorite outfits from this summer. This weekend is one last hurrah so time to break out those looks for a last go around!

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