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Baby Announcement

5 if you include the dog, but I didn’t want to give the impression that I was expecting twins! But yes, we are expecting another little Baby B to kick off 2016!  We’re beyond thrilled even though I’ve been fairly useless these past 3 months. Exhausted, sick, back on my nausea meds. I’m a joy, really. But feeling awful in this case is a good thing so I’m pushing through & looking forward to feeling better in the next couple of weeks!

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home4Combining traditional furniture with bright colors for a modern look.

Anytime you’re living with another person you’re going to have a struggle in making decisions on decor. I’ve found that sometimes it’s harder though when it’s a male & female, since you tend to have much more divergent tastes. This has definitely been a process for my husband & I over the years. I’ve noticed with this house though it’s been a bit easier because we’ve found a style that we can both agree on while also knowing what the other will certainly veto. Here’s some things I’ve learned after our initial clashing of decor.

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