How Motherhood Taught Me To Be More Productive // by The Yuppie Files

After a lifetime of sloooowly getting things done, procrastinating & getting distracted I’ve started to learn how to manage my time (& stress levels) a bit more. Having Adelyn definitely pushed me to have a better strategy in terms of getting my work done, spending time with her, & figuring out when to fit in everything extra. It’s not perfect, it’s still very much a work in progress but I have learned a couple of key things that were necessary to keep being productive & marking off the to-do’s while still having plenty of time for fun. Here’s the 4 biggest lessons I’ve learned so far:

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A British Book Club // by The Yuppie Files

One of my secret loves is any type of themed party, including our monthly girls’ book club. I picked The Royal We for the sole purpose of being able to have a little bit of a British tea party & so that we could kick off the warmer months with a lighter read. Since our book club meets for dinner I had to alter the traditional tea part to make it more evening appropriate, plus we replaced the tea part with wine. Because that’s how we do. Keep reading for the full menu (made by my wonderful husband!).

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Tropical Shift // by The Yuppie Files


dress: Old Navy (not online but in stores)| heels: Nine West | bag: gifted


Hope everyone had a good three day weekend! We spent a lot of time at the pool, a lot of time relaxing, & some time shopping which resulted in this dress. It was a perfect buy thanks to my parents coming into town for a night & letting us go on a date night. We checked out the Tyson’s location of Farmers & Fishers (a favorite D.C. restaurant of ours) & while the atmosphere is definitely more family friendly at this location it was the same amazing food. Since I couldn’t resist the lobster mac & cheese the fact that this dress is very forgiving really helped me out! Continue reading

Weekend Note 5-22-15

So Adelyn is talking now & that’s been the biggest news of our week. Suddenly she’s got a whole list of words & saying, plus copying a lot of what we say. My parents taught her “messy” & “yuck” last weekend (thanks guys) so now she not only states when she’s messy but when someone else or the house is. Needless to say I’m really thrilled she’s already commentating on my cleaning skills! This weekend we’ll have more of that I’m sure, plus our neighborhood pool is opening. I’m so excited to have pool access with her & to be able to run off some of that toddler energy in the water! Beyond that we’re playing it low-key & enjoying a little family weekend.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Now onto the links…..

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