The New Years Refresh

2015 Refresh

My resolutions or goals happen in August, a more natural time for a teacher. And I get that people really hate the idea of resolutions. So I’m looking at this New Years as a “refresh”, a time to reassess how life is going & how to maybe get back on track with some previous goals. I like the idea of refreshing your life versus making resolutions that can easily be broken. A loose plan of where your priorities are & how to remain organized is something that is much easier to keep to.

The first step in this refresh is to figure out what areas in your life need some work. For me it’s figuring out time management & my schedule. Since the move my evening plans have been all over the place- I need to get back into a regular routine of working out, fixing dinners, & getting into bed & reading at a normal hour. Plus I have two new preps (aka new classes to prepare) starting in February so my workload has now increased. A general time management/schedule reassessment needs to happen.

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Work Style // Snowflake Sweater

Snowflake Sweater

I think snowflakes are a perfect print for Christmas because you can actually get away with wearing them all winter long. My issue with Christmas sweaters is that you get like two wears out of them before the season is suddenly over. I’m a girl who likes to get the maximum use out of her wardrobe! Plus with the pale pink shade of this sweater it doesn’t scream the holiday season.

I added some sparkle with my jewelry but kept the bottom half of the outfit toned down since it was worn to work. Also, I have like 3 pairs of pants that fit. It may be a year postbaby but man, do things change. I’m not quite used to the whole how do my pants fit concept (short answer: they don’t). So out of my 3 pairs these were the most work appropriate. Next time, we’ll go for a skirt!

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The Christmas Eve Box


A Christmas Eve BoxOne of the most fun things about having kids during this time of year is being able to start your own family traditions. One of the ideas that I’m really loving is a Christmas Eve box, complete with new pajamas & activities for the family to enjoy the evening of- games, books, movies, etc. For both my husband & I Christmas morning has always been the production, when we open gifts & lounge around all day in our pajamas. The Christmas Eve box still keeps the focus on family & spending time together but also has that element of surprise & having to wait to open it until the evening of.

This would work best with kids that are a bit older than my toddler but I pulled together some items that would be great in the box. Even with little ones you can put in a book to read together or eventually a movie the family will enjoy. By the time you have teenagers it can be a board game or a favorite family movie that you watch this one night a year (or force them to watch).



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Weekend Note // 12.12.14

Weekend Note 12-12

I’m currently at home (again) with a sick toddler. She’s actually pretty cheerful, in between meltdowns! Needless to say this week has not gone entirely as planned but this weekend will hopefully be about some quality family holiday time, mixed in with some shopping. There are some spectacular deals at my favorite stores, plus 2 great links (quality over quantity this week!).

Knowledge: I’m turning 32 in February & have definitely felt more settled in who I am versus in my twenties. This article on if you can really change past 30 is interesting- I’m not entirely sure I care if I change too much. I feel like I’ve just started to accept who I am & be honest with myself on my good & bad traits!

Enjoyment: Fantastic weekend for some holiday shopping!

40% off at J.Crew

50% off of sweaters & tops at Loft

40% off at Banana Republic

25% off sweaters & free shipping over $150 at Anthro

Creativity:  I have a major love affair with gold. All my jewelry tends to be gold & it’s carrying over to other purchases like my new iPad mini (welcome to technology, Kellie!). So I really loved Sarah’s roundup of perfect gold holiday pieces & now really want gold sparkly heels. And a skirt. Let’s be honest, just throw some gold glitter on me & I’ll be good to go.



links: NY Mag | Note to Self

image: Rasberri Cupcakes