Weekend Note 2.27.15


Weekend Note 2-27-15

February 2015 will go down as one of my most unpleasant months to date, which I hate saying since I usually love my birth month. Luckily this week seemed to get back on track & just in time for birthday celebrations too. This year is really low key & I’m quite happy about that. A family dinner date on Tuesday, friends in town on my actual birthday & a legit date night with the hubby this weekend.  Here’s to a better, happier, more productive March, right? (Let’s add warmer to that list too).

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How to Shop for Baby Bags


How to Shop for Baby Bags

One of my best friends is pregnant & keeps sending me emails that cracks me up because they’re usually along the lines of “do I really need this because its so huge &/or ugly”! Truth. One particular email was about the horrors of baby bag shopping, which I think many expectant moms struggle with. Baby bags are often super ugly or really expensive. You’re lugging this sucker around for a good portion of those early days so you want something that is aesthetically pleasing but once you’re done having kids you’ll never see it again. It’s a temporary investment piece. So here’s some rules for picking that baby bag:

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Lessons I’ve Learned


"The most important thing is to enjoy life..." Audrey Hepburn

Today is my birthday & I felt this quote pretty much summed up all the wisdom of my 32 years. At the end of the day all that matters is your own happiness- not how prolific your career is, not how big your house is, not any of it. Find what makes you happy & what you want out of your life & go for it.



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3 Instagrammers You Need to Follow



Thanks to last week’s plague I missed the post for the latest BBar linkup but wanted to still post about this month’s topic: my top 3 favorite Instagrammers. Instagram is easily my favorite social media. I prefer the visual aspect of it but like that it is still interactive. Plus I really want to learn how to be a better photographer & love scrolling through my feed to get inspired. These 3 though really stand out not only in how beautiful their photographs are but how distinct they are too. They feel very unique beyond being gorgeous.

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